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Los Angeles Business Photography is an independently owned and operated photography company located in the heart of Hollywood, California. Our team consists of business and photography professionals that have worked in the different facets of this industry for over ten years. Our goal is to bring a quality product to you for your business needs. We incorporate an efficient process utilizing some of the most advanced technologies in the photography realm. Processes including digital image photo convergence to achieve greater resolution from the multiples of photographs taken. We also incorporate advanced RAW image rendering techniques, maximizing the overall image quality.

In addition to our insistence on a quality product is our focus on customer service. We don't treat you as if you were an over-stocked commodity; we treat you as a unique and valued part of the total photography process. Two words: we listen. We are careful to ensure that you receive the type of care that makes you think of us instantly when you have additional future projects. We will go over your project with you in depth, and we will form a game plan with you to make sure your images are a stand-out success for you and your company.

Ken Matthews

Ken Matthews our Lead Photographer, & CEO


Ken Matthews has been working in the field of photography for over 10 years, and received his Bachelors Degree in photography, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He got his start in creative portrait photography, but has been working consistently with many small businesses throughout California and the Southwestern states in conjunction with that work. He has built a name for himself in business photography due to his creative approach and impeccable eye for detail. Without a doubt, Ken is a desired commodity in the Los Angeles market.